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for teeth and gums
with 3-years guarantee

Lviv downtown,
5 minutes from Opera Theatre

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Dental clinic “Elite-S” is

Foreign quality

We use equipment and materials by the leading producers from Italy, Japan, Germany, the USA, Switzerland.

Guarantee up to 3 years

We conclude an agreement with you on the services rendering, which is the guarantee of the proper fulfilment of our obligations.

All under one roof

We have dental experts in all the dental fields as well as equipment to cure any kind of dental disorder of teeth and gums.

Our services include

Dental treatment during pregnancy

We will care for your teeth`s and gums` health during this important period of life. Modern techniques and X-ray equipment with the decreased level of irradiation will not affect your and your child`s health for 90%.

Preventive hygiene

Preventive measures are the best remedy against diseases and extra expenses. We will control the health of your teeth and gums and will give you a piece of advice on the domiciliary hygiene.

Cosmetic dentistry

We will change and restore the teeth or correct the shape. We use certified Swiss tooth-coloured porcelain, which will serve up to 10 years.

Tooth filling

We will fill your tooth with Japanese material. It is easy to choose the suitable colour with it. The material is solid and gets firm quickly, which results in the shorter period of a visit.


We create an anatomic bite and charming smile. You will see the result before the start of the procedure due to the use of computer 3D-modeling.

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They have given us a power with the health
of their teeth and now they smile more often

We offer:

Safe treatment

There is no possible way for the infection entrance as far as we use the modern 5-stage method of sterilization, which meets the world`s requirements.

No-waiting reception

Our Administrator makes the dentist`s schedule with time to spare. As a result, when you come at the appointed time, the dentist is ready to meet you without any waiting time in the queue.

Real comfort

Comfortable dental chair, cosy waiting table, tea and coffee with candies, Wi-Fi and magazines.

Emergency aid 24/7

In case of the twinge of toothache, our dentist is ready to help you any time. There is an option of the out-of-hours treatment, in case your schedule is very busy.

You are to decide whom to address for treatment


Latest equipment
and high-quality agents

All the equipment and materials have corresponding certificates and are produced by the leading foreign companies. This results in the shorter treatment time and increases the quality of treatment.


Old equipment
and yesterday`s techniques

A lot of clinics are aimed exceptionally at getting income, thus, saving on materials and equipment. As a result, you feel pain and spend your money for re-cure.

Doctors with the experience
of over 7 years

Our practicing team is exceptionally the high and first level medical certificate dentists. They permanently improve their skills and knowledge on the trainings, seminars and conferences.

The interns
serve the patients

In the pursuit of saving the clinics hire the interns, who have no skills and cause more damage than treatment. Are you really willing to risk your health and nerves?


The dentist`s consulting room is squeaky clean, all the instruments are subject to the 5 stages of sterilization in separate room and are hermetically sealed.


Careless attitude to sanitation standards cause the apostem, alveolitis and other diseases. And this is the direct threat to your health and serious expenses as a result.

This cleanliness and facilities are waiting for you

Our dentists` certificates

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Time to the end

It is very easy to undergo the treatment course in our clinic

Pain-free treatment of your teeth and gums and you leave our Clinic with a smile.

The dentist will examine you and offer the affordable treatment options for you.

You book a free appointment and we are waiting for you at a set time.

Our contacts

Lwiw, 3/2 Leontovycha Str.

098 057 46 46,
050 750 24 44,
093 556 54 44